Believability Breakthroughs

Today I want to talk about making the content of your emails believable to your prospect. Because when it comes to emails, it’s not enough that they get read. They also must be BELIEVED. That is the big breakthrough that often transforms a good email into “great”–and gives you the results you need.

Whenever I write my emails I focus on 9 core strategies that make the emails as believable and credible as possible. Once you see these strategies you’ll get a sense of the overall importance of each one and why your email’s response will get hammered if you leave them out.

Even if you heard of any of these “believability techniques”, it’s helpful to see how all the elements work together to build TOTAL credibility and persuasiveness. That way, you can start to evaluate other emails – as well as your own – strictly on the basis of their proof and credibility.

Why would you need to do that? Because mastering the lessons here will give you the ability to instantly spot, attack and ultimately take down others in your market… outsell competitive products … or even conquer niches that are weak on proof and credibility.

Here are the 9 Believability Breakthrough strategies that Tony and I teach:

  1. Specificity Sells!
  2. Back Up Every Claim
  3. Use 3rd Party Proof
  4. A “Mechanism” to Your Madness
  5. Secret of Self-Importance
  6. Talk Up Your Track Record!
  7. Present All Publicity
  8. Break Down Your Process
  9. Excel at Endorsements

Generally speaking, the more saturated the market is – the more of the 9 elements you’ll need.

So you know now how the experts make their emails credible and believable. If you want to learn these strategies more in depth, make sure to check out the Email Millionaires System.