Big Picture Email Strategy

I want to dive into your Big Picture Email Strategy. It’s important to remember – yet often overlooked – that while an email can broken down into many different pieces, its all part of overall or BIG PICTURE Strategy.

One of the key principles that Tony and I teach all the time is that your overall messaging strategy is everything.

Why? Because we both know that one of the biggest obstacles facing marketers and copywriters is being seen as a “salesperson.” This triggers an automatic, unconscious feeling of “dislike” and all too often it makes selling products a painful uphill battle!

Here is how I always explain this to people I’m teaching. Because often times they write emails and don’t even realize that they’re coming across as that sleazy used car salesman.

First off take a look at the product or service you’re talking about. Would you use it? Would you recommend it to a friend or loved one? If you answered “no” to both those questions, you’re probably not promoting/selling the right product.

When you write your email, imagine that you are writing about the product to a family member or to a close friend. Often times I’ll look at an email and then ask the writer, is this how you would sell the product to your mom? The answer is usually no. Your readers will pickup on this to and it will send them running!

But what if there was a better way? What if – for maximum response – all you had to do was to position yourself as more likeable than all the other advertising and sales messages coming at your prospect each day?

Fortunately, once you learn a simple technique, every piece of your email will tie together seamlessly and you’ll will look like a hero in your prospect’s eyes for introducing them this miracle. You can discover this technique and so many more in the Email Millionaires System.