Body Copy That Keeps Them Reading The main portion of an email, is actually the part that most copywriters spend the least amount of time on. They have an awesome subject, great headline, good initial hook, then the reader gets to the body of the email and everything falls flat. The “Body Copy” isn’t always the most fun to write, but it is the part that takes the reader to the most important thing, your call to action.

If you’re email is going to be successful, you need to make absolute certain that your prospect is glued to and reads the entire email. Your body copy has to keep your prospect reading your email from top to bottom. Because if he gets bored or distracted at any point, he’ll just close it and never open it again.

You also can’t look at it as just a poor or failed single email, because if you’re blasting to a list, a single bad email can result in prospect after prospect opting out of that list and you losing credibility amongst the list.

That’s an opportunity-and money-lost. The best body copy creates a powerful sense of momentum from your subject line to the call to action. Picture an avalanche, they build speed, momentum and power as they plow down a mountain side. The further they go the bigger and, in the case of an avalanche, the more destructive they get.

We want your emails to do the same thing. The reader gets hooked at the beginning and then their attention and interest builds and builds as they get further into the email. By the time they reach the end they are absolutely consumed and must take action.

Creating this “avalanche” in your email, is actually much simpler than it sounds. In fact there’s an easy to follow blueprint to do just that in the Email Millionaires System