Email Power Factors

Tate here from Email Millionaires and lets talk about giving your emails the maximum power possible, to keep readers flying through your emails all the while creating an intense buying desire. To make this happen your emails must have intense momentum

From the moment a prospect’s eyes first spot your subject line … clicks … and then begins reading your email … he’s literally seconds away from another distraction, boredom and ultimately trashing your email.

That’s why master copywriters understand that the copy must feel energized – like it’s going somewhere FAST – or else the prospect will get bored and distracted. He’ll soon be history.

Just like John Caples once said, your copy must have all the “power of a runaway locomotive.” Give your prospect just ONE moment where he’s allowed to think of the 101 other things he needs to do – things he’s NOT doing because he’s reading your email – and you’ve created a dangerously easy exit strategy.

This is true nowadays more than ever with so much rapid-fire stimulation from TV, movies, video games, the internet and more. Our prospects are used to everything being ultra-fast and their attention spans have been chopped down to almost nothing.
So that’s the bad news.

But the good news is that as long as you get the fundamentals right – and then move your copy along with great speed and momentum … you’ll gain a HUGE edge over other writers in the industry, the vast majority of whom do NOT understand this high-level secret!

In the Email Millionaires System we teach 9 Power Principles that make it so simple to build this power and momentum throughout your email, all culminating in your reader feeling compelled to take action.