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You're an affiliate, which means you already understand exactly what a powerful email and email campaign can generate...


So I'm not going to babble on and try to convince you that email marketing-- when done right - is a powerful tool that can generate some big time money. You already understand this.


What if I told you that one of the biggest names in copywriting and email marketing, created a product that reveals all his secrets to writing control crushing emails?

Sounds interesting, right?

Well, you aren't the only one it sounded interesting to.

The top affiliates, internet marketers and email marketers in the industry have already signed up to promote this product. Just look at the names and faces at the top of this page.

In the coming months, these top online affiliates will be making sales and cashing in on the single most powerful email marketing program EVER created.

You'll probably want to be a part of this...

And you can, by signing up as an Email Millionaires affiliate today.

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The creator of this system - Anthony Flores - has already proven his ability to create copywriting products that fly off the shelf (or...out of the server).

A little while back, he teamed up with Clayton Makepeace to produce what many believe to be the most powerful and in-depth copywriting course in the industry today.

It's a high-dollar product that's sold countless copies, and more importantly - has been praised as the copywriting "Holy Grail" by many of the top copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs online.


After the smashing success of his first program and launch, Anthony's next project was even more ambitious.

For the past 5 years, he's been studying and dissecting many of the world's most successful email marketers. And, he's been doing it himself - generating millions in revenue for his clients in all different markets.

The result?

It's a cutting edge new program that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know to plan ... easily write (even if you suck at writing)... and then execute a highly profitable email campaign.

Email Millionaires Package

He exposes the secrets of the elite email marketers who - have made up to $22 million in a single month for their clients. These are some of the richest, most powerful email marketers in the world. The "cream of the crop."

And now you're going to make money by helping share a program that reveals just about everything THEY know!

In does more, it takes a process that can seem daunting and makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3!

This means that Email Millionaires isn't just for the already savvy email marketer to hone their skills (although it certainly could), it's for anyone:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Marketing Teams
  • Internet Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • Affiliates
  • Copywriters
  • Or...Joe Citizen who is looking for a new career or a supplemental income

If you have access to any of these are in luck because they will absolutely love Email Millionaires.

And they'll love you for introducing them to it!

Simple, Powerful, Fast!

That's our motto when it comes to our affiliates.

We want the promotion process to be SIMPLE...

We want our affiliate tools to be POWERFUL...

We want YOU to make money FAST!


Let's start with the SIMPLE.

When you promote Email Millionaires, we do just about all of your work for you.

We have email swipes. And not just any email swipes, Anthony Flores email swipes. That's right you'll get free emails written by one of the best. These are sure to convert even the coldest and most stubborn traffic.

We have banner ads. You can use our tested and proven banner ads. Just copy and paste them to wherever you want to promote. Simple as that!

Your traffic will be sent to a industry leading VSL, that is constantly being split tested, optimized and revised to ensure the highest conversion % for you.

We have a team. Our team is like the NBA Dream Team, we have the top players and producers in the internet marketing world just waiting to help you. So if you need something custom to help you promote, we can build it. Just ask us.

Today when you enter you Clickbank ID on this page, we'll auto populate your Clickbank id directly into all the links in our affiliate center, including the swipes and banner ads.

Like I said, we want this to be simple.


This is where Email Millionaires offers you a one of a kind powerhouse affiliate benefit, something so sought after you couldn't even buy it.

What is this?

Anthony Flores!

He is considered one of the top copywriters in the world and some of the largest and most influential companies are fighting for his time, and paying big bucks for it if they can actually get it.

Since you're promoting Anthony's system, you get to harness the selling power of his copywriting skills - for free - to help maximize your conversions.

In the Affiliate Center you'll find swipe emails that Anthony crafted using the exact methods he teaches in Email Millionaires. Methods that he uses in all of his blockbuster campaigns.

Talk about POWER...have you ever had someone
of his caliber writing your copy? Well get
ready for the sales to start pouring in.


Business man to business man, I know your decision to promote this product is based on one very simple question...Can I make money?

I hope we've clearly answered that question with a resounding YES! Yet, we take it one step further.

We don't just want you to make money, we want you to make money fast...

Listen, the sheer detail and magnitude of the content in this system calls for a price point in the $1,000's. But, we know that really limits the potential buyer and makes your job harder.

So we gritted our teeth and set a price point that opens up the product to just about every demographic. Tony wants the system to be accessible to everyone. And when everyone is a prospect, it makes your life easy.

The entire system is available for $297 right now.

Oh...did I mention:

50% Commission For Our Affiliates

That's right you'll pull a smooth 50% off the top of every sale...and with a product priced at $297 that's a pretty penny.

So you have a high commission on well priced system that's marketable to just about anyone interested in making money.

That's what I like to refer to as the "RECIPE FOR SUCCESS"!

Our Oath To You

We recognize that your customers and your traffic is valuable to you. You worked hard to get where you are and you have a reputation to uphold.

I want you to be totally comfortable in how we'll treat any traffic you send our way. So we vow:

  • To never spam our lists with excessive or hypey emails...
  • We'll never promote BS products that we don't research and back 100%
  • We'll always give top notch customer service to any customers or prospects you send our way

Getting You Paid

We already mentioned that you get 50% on the initial sale...this is an insane % for a product like this.

Not only this...

You'll get 50% on any upsell or future purchase on the backend.

This means every time we roll out a new upsell or add on to the program, you can just sit back and wait to be paid. With all the marketing handled by us, there is literally nothing you need to do.

Get Started Today

The Email Millionaires System is live - you can become an affiliate today and begin promoting (and earning commissions) just minutes from now.

Just fill out the simple form below (or above) on this page, and you'll instantly be added to our elite group of affiliates and have immediate access to all the tools in the affiliate center.

It's that easy.

So what are you waiting for? Join the top affiliates in the business who are already making their cut of the Email Millionaires System.

We look forward to welcoming you as an affiliate and can't wait to see your success.


Instant Access to Affiliate Tools for Email Millionaires
And to Be Eligible for Our Affiliate Promotions

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