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Affiliate Email Swipe #1

Subject: Official Money Making Challenge

Hi [Name],

Ok...Let's get right to it.

Here's your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

  • One week
  • One email.
  • One mailing list.
  • Increase Revenues By $100K A Month!

Are you up for the challenge?

That's exactly what a big health company asked legendary email copywriter Anthony Flores...

He was given the task of beating the control for this company, who was spending over $100,000 every month on email rentals.

How did Anthony do?...

He nearly DOUBLED conversions, adding upwards of an extra SEVEN FIGURES to that company's business.

Sound like something you'd like to be able to do...ME TOO!

So I did some research and found a video that seems almost too good to be true...

Anthony Flores reveals all his email copywriting and marketing tricks, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Watch The Video Here

I was shocked at the "tricks of the trade" that he just gives away.

The techniques work no matter what your situation:

  • Email Marketer
  • Internet Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Executive
  • Small Business Owner

Just about anyone can use Anthony's email success formula to boost sales and generate big time cash flow.

The most amazing part of it all...

Anthony's method, actually makes the process of writing a winning email - fast and simple.

Check out the video for yourself...


[affiliate name]

Affiliate Email Swipe #2

Subject: [Free Video] I Think I'm Gonna Be Rich

Hi [first name],

Wow! Just Wow...

I found the Holy Grail of legitimate money making!

I was skeptical, but after watching this short video I know it's the real deal.

World Renowned copywriter and email marketer, Anthony Flores (haven't heard of him...just Google him) released a tell all video.

He lays out - step by step - exactly how to write revenue multiplying, winning emails.

Like the email he wrote that set records when it increased a companies sales by 2076%.

The craziest part about that email?

It took him less than an hour to write!

That's because, as he explains in this Free Video, writing these types of emails...is as simple as following a quick blueprint.

It's more about plug and go...than think and create.

That's right...with Anthony's techniques you don't need to be a writer or even creative.

That's why I love it...it makes a complex process as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Anthony is a true Email Millionaire...and with this video you can be too!

Check Out The Free Video Here

[Affiliate name]

Affiliate Email Swipe #3

Subject: Secrets Of An Email Millionaire [VIDEO]

Hi [Name],

So my buddy tells me the other day...

"I'm just a couple emails away from becoming a real Email Millionaire...and it was easier than any real job I ever had!"

He went on to explain that he had discovered the techniques of a master email marketer...all in a free video.

I called BS!

But...he backed up his claim by showing me his bank statement.

I told him, "I WANT IN!"

He made me beg for awhile, but eventually he gave me the link to the Video.

I gotta tell you, it's unbelievable.

The video completely reveals legendary copywriter, Anthony Flores' simple step by step system to writing emails that deliver big sales.

I've never taken a writing course nor have I ever enjoyed writing.

Yet...with Anthony's blueprint it doesn't matter!

It's basically him doing the writing for you...

And let me tell you - He's a real deal Email Millionaire.

I won't make you beg like my friend made me...Here's the link to this remarkable free video. ? Click Here?

All the best,
[Affiliate Name]


  • Email Mind Control

    Free Video, Discover How To Sell
    Just About Anything To Anyone

  • Million Dollar Emails

    Discover How To Easily Write Emails
    That Generate Millions In Revenue

  • Be An Email Millionaire

    The Tricks And Secrets Of The
    Email Marketing Masters Revealed

  • Boost Revenue By 2076%

    Discover How A Perfectly Written
    Email Will Skyrocket Your Revenue

  • 3 Copywriting Jedi Tricks

    Free Video, The 3 Tricks That Will
    Turn You Into An Email Millionaire

  • 10% CTR - 80% Conversions

    Secret Copywriting Technique Leaked
    By Legendary Writer, Free Video


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