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Anthony Flores Is One Of The Few Young Guys Who Really Understands Classic Salesmanship and its vital importance in great copy- writing. Not long after I kicked him out of one of my mentoring programs years ago (he got good VERY quickly) -- he began to tear up the copywriting scene while working with legends like Clayton Makepeace. Now I discover he's developing killer new products, writing winning sales letters and orchestrating big money product launches. Good energy, smart, savvy, talented, experienced... and he's done his time apprenticing under the best. That's what you look for in a damn good copywriter.

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Anthony's ability to break down what makes great copy work--and then teach it in an easy series of steps, is among the best I've ever seen.

Clayton Makepeace The Total Package

Anthony Flores Never Fails To Blow Me Away! I've never seen anyone who can hold a candle to Anthony when it comes to teaching marketing and copywriting methodology. Anthony, my friend, you have a unique set of gifts: Your ability to identify the strategies and tactics that are invisible to just about everyone else - and your unparalleled knack for clearly communicating that all-important information in a way that makes it so easy to understand, digest and use. I'm proud to have you as my friend and partner.

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Anthony Has Created a Treasure Trove of Stealable Material.

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