The Art Of The Tease I think women are truly the masters of this concept when it comes to dating, no matter what they actually tell you they always leave a little to the imagination. This little “tease” that makes you, or compels you to come back and find out more.

In email marketing, and really in any sales copywriting, we need to use that same tactic. We want to let our readers know that we have exactly what they’re looking for, without revealing everything about it. It’s this mystery that we build that will compel clicks and drive sales. This is the Art Of The Tease.

I have read (and hopefully written) copy that builds up the tease so much that I literally had to click to find out exactly what they were talking about. This is what your goal should be in every single email you send. You have the miracle that will change your reader’s life forever, all they have to do is click to find out what it is.

One of the fatal mistakes I see, is revealing too much in the email. These emails could almost be considered a sales letter. They spell out exactly what the “miracle” is. The problem is that you simply can’t fit an entire sales letter into an email, so you don’t actually have a true sales letter with all the needed components. To the reader these emails are unreadable and un interesting, so there is no reason for them to click and take action.

Your email should reveal just enough so that your reader believes you have a solution to whatever their problem is, without telling them specifically what that solution is. In the Email Millionaires System we spend a lot of time teaching the techniques that we and other top copywriters use to build an irresistible tease.